Clinical Pharmacy Team

Our Clinical Pharmacy Team

Did you know that your GP surgery has access to a team of clinical pharmacists to help support with your health management? Many people aren’t aware and are unsure about how a clinical pharmacist can assist them.

Clinical pharmacists work as part of your GP surgery team to assist with day-to-day medicine issues. They are highly trained experts in medicines, who also consult with and treat patients directly.

This includes providing extra help to manage long-term conditions, advice for those on multiple medications and better access to health checks.

Their role is pivotal to improving the quality of care and ensuring patient safety.

Clinical pharmacists in GP surgeries are an integral part of the NHS Long Term Plan to make it easier for patients to have access to the right health professional for their needs.

The Bromley GP Alliance clinical pharmacists are from various backgrounds and well experienced in diverse areas including community, hospital, outpatient or mental health pharmacies – each bringing their unique insights and skills to provide Bromley residents with the best care.

How can a clinical pharmacist help me?

  • If you have a long term condition, a clinical pharmacist can offer advice on the medicines you are taking to ensure you get the best outcome.
  • They can help you make changes to your lifestyle to help you stay well.
  • If your medicine is making you feel worse or causing other symptoms, a clinical pharmacist can help by reviewing your medication and help plan appropriate management.
  • If you take multiple medicines, a clinical pharmacist can help you plan and manage them.
  • They can also provide health checks such as checking your blood pressure and arranging blood tests.
  • Clinical pharmacists may be able to prescribe your medicines in the same way as your GP.

Clinical pharmacists have vast clinical knowledge and they are there to help you.

Your GP surgery will always direct your query to the most appropriate member of the team, so, the next time a clinical pharmacist from your practice gives you a call, be assured you are speaking to a highly trained professional, who is eager to help with your query and help you get well.

This blog was written by Geeta Maharaj, who is one of BGPA’s clinical pharmacists working in Bromley.