New Patients

We are happy to register new NHS patients within our practice boundary area.

How to Register

To register with our practice please follow the link below to complete the online registration form.

You will also be required to complete the following form:

AND provide two proofs of your current address, dated within the last three months.

Non-urgent advice: Please Note

Until we have received all the forms and the two proofs of your current address you will not be registered at the Practice.

For further information on registering with your GP, please visit the NHS website.

Practice Boundary

Please enter your postcode below to ensure you live within our service boundary before attempting to register with the Surgery.

All eligible people living in the Practice’s catchment area can register with Forge Close Surgery as a regular patient.

If you do not have a fixed address, please see the next page ‘New Patient Registration Forms’.

Catchment Area

Temporary Patient

Any GP Surgery can be contacted if you need urgent treatment and

  • You’re away from home
  • You’re not registered with a GP Surgery
  • It’s a medical emergency

Please call the Surgery to book an appointment; you will be asked to complete the temporary patient registration form prior to your appointment.

Overseas Visitors

Those who visit the UK from overseas must pay for their care when they are in England.

In 2015 changes were made to how the NHS charges overseas visitors for healthcare so the NHS does not lose out on income for the services these patients have received.

For information for overseas visitors please see here.